This one occurred three nights after Election Day. I had been tormented by nightmares of being assaulted or chased the past three nights.

That night I was tormented by dreams of being assaulted on the street. Men were chasing me, hunting me down. So I woke up. Realized that I was dreaming about a very real fear so I tried to sleep again. This time I saw wild elephants in the street. I decided to follow them. I saw a mother and a baby. I fed them my banana. I was sorry I didn’t have more food on me. I asked them if I could find them more food. The mother asked me to get her a button-down shirt with jelly on it. The image splashed in my mind. A crisp white business shirt splashed with red jelly. It seemed satisfying to me, like a blood prize veiled as nutritional content. I told her no. It didn’t seem like a healthy food for them to eat.