A woman had been lucky to have her cat cloned, so when Cat #1 died, she removed the heart on a table next to a stone mausoleum in a cemetery. She gave it to me and my husband to sell, because she knew we needed money. It became a baby’s heart, and we knew these to be worth a lot of money on the black market. We didn’t feel bad about selling it because it was just extra. My husband went to meet two men under a dock. I was really scared for him to go, but he actually said: “Oh come on. I’m just going to meet these guys under a dock about selling this baby heart on the black market.” He came back without the heart and said the dealer didn’t know how much it was worth, but he would price it out for us and give it back. I thought, “you idiot, that heart is gone for sure.” We decided to go to the “black market” itself, which was like the matrix. It was a space made of silver pipes and darkness in which everybody could fly. I saw the dealer riding a BMX bike through space, doing flips and laughing like a villain. He held a pair of pliers and was taunting us with what was in them. It looked like a small diamond. My husband said “That’s it, that’s the heart.” He had burned it down into this extremely powerful magical bead. I chased him around on my own BMX bike, flying through space. Finally I caught him and, with my teeth, wrenched the diamond from his pliers.