I’ve been commissioned to write some kind of script based on a bunch of material collected from other people.  R takes the material and, overnight, writes a really witty joke script in my name.  He presents the piece at some kind of open mic event without my knowing and it wins a major comedy award — I get a phone call from the presenting organization saying I’m being given this award.  I think 2009 was in the title of the award — “best of (something) 2009.”  R’s not trying to take the award or anything; in fact he doesn’t tell anyone he wrote the winning script.  He uses my name.  So now I’m feeling trapped.  I know I can’t accept this award, but I also don’t know what to do with my commission because this script is already out there with my name on it, and it’s actually so much funnier and more clever than anything I’d create.  My version would have been boring and possibly incomplete.  I wonder if I should just publish this script under my name, but add “created in collaboration with R and (there was a second name I considered including but I don’t remember who it was or how s/he was involved).”  But of course I don’t feel good about that, because I actually did nothing for the project.