Where my mouth is full of gum and at times it is hard to talk and do anything but first we are in this cavernous room making theater making 3c2c and I’m working on this play I wrote that is in it and I’m using gel stars and what not to do it and it’s great but we’re making the scenery last minute and there’s a ton that needs to get done making the universe out of gel stars and what have you and I need to find someone to direct my play and then I’m in the stress of ba and friends who have been dating forever are there as a lot of other people I know and they play euchre and she looks terrible she looks like eleventh grade and she just got back from her interview and UChicago and forgot to move the bike rack so that fell off and cost fifty dollars

and they accidentally crashed big heavy gay man’s car, just dented the front not too bad, o she’s exhausted and really really glad to be home and then I’m wandering looking for buses, collectivos, or something and a guy asks me and I direct him to this main strip of them, I’m looking at this billboard I’ve done of photos by the day and hour and realize I need to switch them around because I have some repeats and I’m talking to middle school acquaintance and saying something about really liking people back  who like you and he says I didn’t realize my ex boyfriend was such a relationship guy and then I say oh NO NOOO I’m in a  new relationship and almost kind of insult the one one and middle school acquaintance walks away.  And then I get asked about the collectivo and say suerte (luck) to this guy with all this gum in my mouth that I need some how but then it’s always too much. And I can’t take it out cause it gets all stuck to my mouth all over the place. And I’m skating place to place to check up on all that needs to get done. Yeah. And I fall and my but gets all wet but it’s this big rink and I feel like i am just such quality skating everywhere. It feels like flying.  Enddream.