I go down small steps and pay and man and come into this room and it’s just this sheet of ice with three other people on it and it’s a little too small and it’s just ice and then wall, but i get on my skates and go and it feels like the ceiling’s too low and the walls are too lose and I’m banging up against the walls and then it fills up and gets a little bigger with everyone I know ever from skating there and emily letteri is there and bruce is there and I give him a big hug and she looks terrible like the years have been cruel to her  but she’s still skating and girls from ebersole and sarah zanolli and some peeps who are better than me and they take away half the ice for lessons and then the ice is sand and lines in the sand (“A woman’s demons were out there, like her loves, and she could only be coddled for so long. It was better to be done with magic lines and confront your destiny. Lines in the dirt were all very well but they only delayed matters. What had to happen should be allowed to happen or it could never be overcome.”) lines on which to do double toes and Im’ trying and trying and Im wearing this beautiful pink dress and I fall and get some dirt on it on the edge of the sand rink and I’m trying and the sand beneath my feet is so loose I can barely walk and it feels so uphill and then I get to the top and it feels downhill and I keep working on my double toe and Stacey, my old figure skating instructor with her fuchsia boots comes and helps me and I feel like I’m 16 again. End Dream.