A dream where I am home with my boyfriend for a day an we’re sitting in front of the bottom of an elevator shaft wrapped up in an olive green blanket and it’s warm before a searing panic hits me and I realize I’ve used the other half of my ticket and now if I want to go back to Buenos Aires, which I do, if I want to do that, now I’ll have to buy anther ticket and who knows how much that’ll cost, and then I’m in TSDA124 and I need to do the reading and I have yet to do the reading and it’s the morning before class and I’m trying to skim the reading and then I pull out old readings I’ve done and start copying over my annotations. Because that is what it means to have done the reading. And I’m writing down kanji by sprinkling broken up nori (seaweed) on index cards and using a sharpie and water, and I’m doing this with a dear friend, sitting on the plush rug of my mauve carpet in my room, raspberry and white, before running down to the grounds crew of our apartment and asking them to let me work raking snow, because I have so many student loans. And my dear friend says this is the time to have fun and don’t worry about the student loans until after I’ve graduated, he says, holding my hand, two of my fingers in each nook between his fingers.