I was sitting in my childhood bedroom, back to the wall, facing the window, lamp in hand. I was waiting for someone to break in, uncertain of how I knew he would be coming. Suddenly, a silhouette at the window, and then total black. I wake up in a pile of glass shards, the room a mess. I rub my neck, feel something carved. His initials. Looking around, I realize that he has killed me, and there is no heaven or hell, just this. Understanding that I have nothing better to do, I get up, brush myself off, and begin walking to school. On the way there, I am picked up by some friends. They do not know that I am…well, whatever I am, but not alive. The Начало… radio is playing the local news, but I hear My nothing about my murder. wholesale nba jerseys My heart is racing as I listen, waiting. And that’s when it dawns on me: My heart should not be racing if cheap jerseys I am dead. And, if I am dead, something should have been released about my death–murders don’t happen often in small towns such as these. I am alive. And he thinks that I am not. When he fails to hear any news of what’s happened to me, he will come after me again. Fast forward to the evening. I am alone at my dad’s house. I turn off all the lights. I am fumbling around in the dark, looking for my dad’s gun. I find the safe but do not know the combination. My shaking hands spin the dial haphazardly, hoping for some amount of luck. I hear the front door breaking down. I keep trying, but realize I am not going to succeed. I G., run out of the room, past the door where the man is just now getting through, and out the back door, through a narrow alley. My father’s Rally, barbeque is on, and he is grilling fish. The corner of my hip hits the appliance, and the fish slaps against the front of my shirt. I toss it off and keep running. I begin cheap nba jerseys to run Место past a neighbor’s driveway, garage open, car parked. I turn into it and slide under the car, waiting for the man to pass. wholesale jerseys China He is walking patiently as I wait. Halfway across the cheap nba jerseys driveway, he stops momentarily. Then, he turns on his heel, looking directly at me. He can smell the fish. He walks toward me hastily, with purpose. His feet are the last thing I see before I wake up.