i was 12 or 13. all of my extended family was over for a barbeque. 50 people or more. (even people i didn’t recognize.) there was a man who came to the door. he told my parents he was there to fix the dryer. my parents had me show him in, and they went back to the bbq. i spied on this stranger in my home. me peeking around the corner. and i noticed that he was installing a bomb. i ran out to my parents, “mom! dad! he is a bad guy! he’s not helping us! he has a bomb, MOM! DAD!” but they wouldn’t listen to me, and i ran to all of my aunts and uncles, and to the people i didnt know, but they all just shrugged those shoulders and laughed at me. because i was only a little gurl. so i went back and peeked longer, and i was so scared.. i ran franticly through the people again, urging them to get out of the house or call the police, or to cry with me.  in the end of my dream i took off down the street, in my cut off jean shorts. running and crying. and i only heard the boom. i didn’t look back.