I have a recurring dream about a house. Sometimes it is a house that is familiar to me where I have lived in the past, sometimes it is supposed to represent a house I know but bears no actual resemblance to it (although I don’t notice this until I wake up). Sometimes it seems very familiar to me (even after I wake) although it is not a house known to me in real life. Perhaps it is familiar from previous dreams. I can still envisage some of these houses which I may have dreamed about months or years ago. The crucial factor in the dream is that the house always turns out to be bigger than I thought. I discover that a door or stairs I had not noticed or thought to use before leads to another room or another floor or a whole other dimension. Sometimes there are lots of bedrooms, perhaps with several beds crammed into each, sometimes there is a second kitchen adjoining the first, sometimes there is a huge living area (or several), sometimes there are several bathrooms. As I am describing this to you now, it is so vivid in my mind that I can hardly believe it’s only a dream and not a reality. Sometimes it opens out into a vast space resembling a furniture showroom in a store. My reaction to the additional space is always mixed; on the one hand I am delighted because I really feel it is something I have longed for but I also have a certain amount of discomfort about it. I may be uncertain about how I am going to make optimum use of two kitchens, what utensils I should keep in which and what tasks I should allocate to/meals should be cooked/eaten in each. I am worried about not making good enough use of both of them, not justifying their ownership. Sometimes I wonder if I should choose one to use as a kitchen and convert the other into something else. Sometimes I am uncomfortable about having more space for the price than I am entitled to and feel as if I have cheated someone else to get it or am afraid I am going to have to pay more than I realised. Sometimes I am wondering how I am going to afford to furnish it all. Often the discomfort is to do with concerns about being able to keep control of the space and establish my ownership of it. For example, it may involve going through a door to get to this separate part of the house which I’m afraid may not always be accessible to me. Sometimes it involves crossing a public area like a hotel foyer to get from one part of the house to another or the extra bedrooms are up some stairs and along corridors and I’m afraid I or my family or my guests may not be able to find or get to them again. Sometimes there is a security issue and I don’t know how to keep others out of my property or make them aware that it’s mine, perhaps there is no door at one end or it joins directly onto a communal area or another property in some way, perhaps I am not even sure myself which parts are mine and which are not. There is one more vital element to the dream and that is that in one or more area I find things that don’t belong to me, that seem to have been left behind by a previous owner; perhaps bedding and/or clothes in the bedrooms, perhaps old toys or books and general clutter, sometimes even valuable antiques. I am troubled by this and worried about what to do with them. Will the people come back for them or is it my responsibility to get rid of them? Is it OK to use some of them if I want to – eg bedding? Sometimes this is a possibility but sometimes it is dirty or I just don’t like any of it and want to be rid of it all. Should I just throw everything away and if so, how? where? Or should I try to sell things (especially the antiques)? This will be time consuming. It is holding me back from making proper use of the much longed for space I now have.